Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Issues in Global Business and Strategic Concepts Essay

Issues in Global Business and Strategic Concepts - Essay Example The paper also recommends certain inputs which might be beneficial for the company in its future operational growth and expansion in the emerging market of India. The report portrays that the performance of the company from the past few years has not been quite impressive which has further affected its brand image as well as the trust and confidence of its investors in the global periphery. It has also been observed that poor performance of the company has been associated with some of its internal weaknesses such as uncontrollable expansion of product lines and lacuna in complying with ethical standards and consumer needs which has hampered its presence in all over the global market. ... It has been learnt that the brand image of the company has weaken and sales of the company has declined considerably owing to the competitive forces underlying the international consumer electronics industry. To be precise, in its recent operations, the company has been witnessing various issues such as branding problem, legal interventions for hacking issues and fall in share price among others. These issues affected the trust of the investors on the future performance of the company owing to which its international growth, especially in developing nations such as India, where consumer buying behaviour is highly fluctuating, has been hampered significantly. Emphasising on the current status of Sony, this study will aim to present a portfolio report on the current strategic position of Sony by analysing all the elements of its business which shall be helpful for its further expansion and growth in the Indian market. The paper would further recommend the company with some strategies t hat would be helpful for it in its expansion to an emerging market. Background Information Company Overview Sony Corporation is one of the most familiar brand names in the world today. The company mainly manufactures audio, video and information technology products for consumers all over the world. It has been noted that the prime vision of the company is to manufacture and market products based on the preferences of the customers and enable them to enjoy a new digital entertainment experience. With this concern, the company has been operating to make certain that every product it offers should be of A-grade quality as per the industry standards (Sony, 2013). Critics have often argued that the success of the company is largely due to its innovative

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