Thursday, August 8, 2019

Conceptualize a hypothetical information system project Essay

Conceptualize a hypothetical information system project - Essay Example This system also allows performing manual entries of products there is a problem with bar code reader. At the end of the day system offers the sales records along with possible stock availability details. The system works with a Bar Code Reader that extracts the overall details of products from the bar-code (Shelly, Cashman, & Vermaat, 2005). After that system adds the product details to database. The database accumulates the overall details of products and shopping and creates final bill. System also adds each sale to daily sales list. This list offers a comprehensive overview of daily sales which business has made throughout a day. On the other hand the system product details are also entered at the back-end. For instance, each product’s status like availability, items details, product prices, etc. are entered into the back end database. Hence, at the end of the day the system compares the sold and available sock and offers a comprehensive overview of product supply chain. Currently, the business utilizes customers, products and sales information in a number of ways. In this scenario, sales and products information can be used for business supply chain management operations. The business makes use of the information and data to maintain the stock at the shelves and also maintains the customer needs regarding rapid availability of stock. The business also makes use of information for overall sales management. The sales management operation utilizes cost benefit analysis form customer operational management. The business can also make use of customer data for marketing purposes. The business can offer attractive offers to their regular customers, which will improve its operational capability. These all information can be used as system requirements. We can use a data collection methodology (such as interview or questionnaires) to collect data and information

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